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When Nature Calls: How to Use the Bathroom in Shapewear

When Nature Calls: How to Use the Bathroom in Shapewear

You know the feeling—you want to wear a bodysuit under your ideal “night out” ensemble, but you’re worried about bathroom breaks. This isn’t necessarily something we all want to discuss when considering shapewear, but it is an important factor to consider nonetheless. Shapewear is meant to be worn like underwear. But when you’re wearing underwear, you can easily remove it when nature calls. Shapewear can seem a bit more complicated on the surface; and in the case of some shapewear, that’s true. It’s easy to be daunted by complex zippers and buttons. Sometimes, you just want something simple!


Popilush is here to make that simplicity possible. With bodysuits and shorts in particular, it’s important that your shapewear “sucks you in”. This means that it needs to be form-fitting enough to offer good control, smoothing any lumps and bumps and creating a sleeker figure. The tricky thing is that it can be difficult to provide that level of control while creating a piece that’s easy to remove entirely in the bathroom. And in the case of bodysuits, removal of the bodysuit might mean removing your entire outfit with it, which just isn’t very logical when you’re on the go. While we apply a hook and eye closure to our leggings, this isn’t quite as simple with bodysuits.


Our solution? The open gusset.


What is An Open Gusset?


A gusset is a piece of fabric that is inserted in clothing to ensure a bit of a barrier between your skin and the clothing’s outer lining. You’ll probably notice a gusset when you wear tights. It will be located in the crotch of the tights, giving you an extra layer of coverage.


An open gusset is essentially a lack of that fabric. This means that you can easily go to the bathroom with minimal effort when wearing a bodysuit with an open gusset. You’re just free to go—literally!


Why An Open Gusset?


If you’re used to shapewear that comes with button closure or zippers, we can understand why you might initially be thrown off by an open gusset. Popilush prefers this option because it’s just easier on you. There is no learning curve; you’re just able to wear what you want, when you want, and go to the bathroom when you must.


Of course, if you still want to remove your shapewear when going to the bathroom, you certainly can. Popilush bodysuits come with adjustable straps, which means that all you need to do is loosen them a bit to give yourself more wiggle room. This will make it easier to slip out of your bodysuit if need be. When you’re done, you can simply pull your bodysuit back into place and tighten your straps again.


Keep in mind that you should wash your bodysuits after wear. In order to give a little extra longevity to your shapewear, you may want to consider air-drying it after putting it through a light wash cycle. Some shapewear enthusiasts also hand wash their shapewear, though this is not necessary.


No matter how you choose to wash your shapewear, try to remember that concerns about bathroom breaks should not be enough to keep you from looking the way you want to look. Taking advantage of an open gusset design is entirely up to you. Giving you that choice simply ensures that you have the greatest amount of freedom possible. Popilush is all about giving you as much freedom and flexibility with your shapewear as possible.