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Comfortable Confidence: Wearing Shapewear In The Summer Heat

Comfortable Confidence: Wearing Shapewear In The Summer Heat

Summer is closer than you think! As April winds down and we move into May, more and more of us are thinking about how we’re going to keep cool as the temperatures rise. In some cases, this is going to mean adjusting our clothing—moving from the long sleeves and heavier fabrics of the winter and early spring to clothes that are light and breezy, showing a bit more skin. But if you depend on shapewear to create your ideal silhouette (or want to try it for the first time) you may not be sure about how to dress your summer best without giving up the advantages of shapewear.


Traditionally, shapewear has been seen as heavy, constricting, and hot. Not exactly what you want to be wearing on a hot day, right? For that reason, many women have gone without shapewear during the summer, even when attending events or evenings out that might benefit from it. So many women end up sacrificing the confidence that shapewear can give them because they understandably wish to prioritize comfort. What if you don’t have to give up confidence in favor of confidence? What if you can enjoy comfortable confidence?


That’s what we prioritize at Popilush. Providing comfortable confidence for shapewear lovers is one of our biggest priorities. It may seem hard to believe that you can make shapewear work during the summer—but we beg to differ. Let’s look into some of the biggest reason why people don’t wear shapewear during the summer, and what we’ve done to solve the problem. 


"Shapewear makes me sweat."

We all tend to sweat a little more during the summer, and conventional wisdom dictates that an extra layer will only make you sweat more. Many people don’t even wear bras during the summer as much as they would during the rest of the year; shapewear may seem out of the question. However, we have a solution. Rather than worrying about sweating in your shapewear, invest in shapewear that can absorb your sweat and keep you from feeling damp. Popilush utilizes moisture-wicking fabric, which will ensure that you don’t get sweaty throughout the day. Certainly, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing patches of sweat appearing as you make your way through your day.


"Shapewear is uncomfortable."

Understandably, we want to prioritize during summer, a season when we’ll spend more time outdoors and in many cases more time being physically active. Fortunately, we have you covered there as well. Our shapewear is meant to be snug and figure-flattering without feeling tight or constrictive. In fact, it’s meant to be comfortable enough for you to wear as you would regular clothing if you wish. For example, our Hourglass Seamless Leggings are meant to be used during yoga, running, or virtually any other form of exercise. When we say believe in comfortable confidence, we mean it!


"Shapewear is hot."

Overheating is a real concern during the summer, and it’s understandable if you don’t want to wear hot clothing during the season. However, we have taken steps to ensure that our shapewear is not hot during any time of year. Part of this accomplished by offering variety. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to our shapewear. We have leggings with hooks that will allow you to wear them more tightly; and we offer bras that are meant to be worn while you sleep. You can control exactly how heavy you want your shapewear to be, and we offer the options that will prevent you from overheating.


"Shapewear can’t be hidden under summer clothes."

So often, we bypass shapewear for the summer because we don’t believe it can be effectively worn with summer clothing. Summer clothes are often a bit looser and more revealing. Therefore, the concern that many women have is that their shapewear will be accidentally revealed as they go about their day. We combat that in two different ways. For one thing, our shapewear again comes in different varieties. You could wear shaping panties if you just want a bit of support underneath your summer clothes. Or you could wear a bodysuit under clothing with more coverage. In addition, however, our shapewear can be worn independently, as clothing itself. You could throw on a bodysuit with a pair of shorts and have the ideal summer outfit, with the confidence and comfort that you deserve. 


"Shapewear won’t hold up in the wash."

During the summer, we necessarily wash clothes more often than we would during the colder, less sweaty months. Some worry that if they wear shapewear during the summer, they’ll break it down more easily due to excessive washing. Not only does Popilush shapewear offer the moisture-wicking qualities we mentioned earlier—it’s also excellently made. Don’t worry about your shapewear falling apart after a few rinse cycles. Our fabric is soft and breathable, but it’s meant to last for the long term.


You can wear shapewear during the summer. If you don’t feel like it one day, there’s nothing wrong with that—but you shouldn’t feel as if you can’t wear shapewear from May through August, and really all year round. For many women, shapewear is less about achieving a specific look than it is about feeling confident in themselves, and that is what Popilush aims to achieve. It can be done! Check out our offerings and see how we can help you combine comfort with confidence this summer.