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Aging Gracefully—What Does It Mean Today?

Aging Gracefully—What Does It Mean Today?

Many women want to age gracefully, without plastic surgery. We explore how to age gracefully starting in your twenties.

While there’s nothing wrong with a few cosmetic enhancements here and there, many of us are currently trending away from plastic surgery. Why? For some, plastic surgery has become so mainstream that it’s almost overwhelming. Many of the most famous people with plastic surgery have had fairly extreme enhancements, which can be difficult to mimic and even a little off-putting to some. 


Additionally, plastic surgery is expensive and doesn’t offer guaranteed results. In many cases, procedures need to be redone after a certain amount of time, or even correcting following an incorrect administration. Fortunately, you don’t have to seek plastic surgery in order to age gracefully.


Aging gracefully has been advocated for as an alternative to plastic surgery. Rather than getting excessive (or in some cases any) procedures, advocates for aging gracefully would argue that we should start thinking about the natural maintenance of our body when we’re in our thirties or even our twenties. This means that you’ll want to start paying attention to what you put in your body right now. It not only affects your internal health, but the way that you look as well. Aging gracefully means loving yourself and taking care of yourself. Let’s explore how you can best do it.


Care For Your Skin


In theory, we all want to take care of our skin. However, caring for your skin goes beyond just taking your makeup off and washing your face at the end of the day. Everyone has individualized skincare needs. You may want to speak to a dermatologist about how best to serve your skin. A typical skincare routine that’s truly effective will include multiple steps in the morning in the evening, starting with the removal of any makeup and moving in faces until your skin is fully cleansed and exfoliated.


You’ll always wasn’t to invest in hats and sunscreen, even on days that don’t seem sunny. Your skin can absorb harmful UV rays without you even feeling it. Not only will your skin experience wrinkling and age spots faster; it will also be more at risk of developing skin cancer if you don’t protect it.


Consider Your Diet


What you eat matters when it comes to aging. We’re not talking about your weight—you can age gracefully at any weight, as long as you’re taking in a healthy diet. Consider eating less red meat and more lean meats, like poultry and fish. Salmon is particularly great for graceful aging, as you’ll find that it can benefit the skin. Eat three balanced meals each day, and do your best cut down on excess sugar and fat, as well as alcohol.


Exercise Responsibly


Remember: the type of exercise that is right for your friends isn’t necessarily going to be right for you. A lot of people benefit from cardio, but if you’re experiencing any health issues you’ll obviously need to adjust for the sake of your body. Yoga is a great form of exercise for those who want to preserve their bodies while at the same time keeping fit. It’s relatively gentle but still offers quite a workout.


Shop For Your Body


Aging gracefully is about how you overall present yourself. Don’t feel like you need to dress the way teens do in order to stay youthful looking. Follow trends to an extent if you like, but try to form a personal sense of style that uniquely you.  We would never recommend assuming that aging gracefully means conforming. Stay true to who you are!


There’s nothing about aging for you to be afraid of. However, even if you’re still a young woman, you may want to think about aging gracefully now. That way, you’ll look and feel youthful for a longer amount of time—without doing something you’re not sure about!