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3 Shapewear Pieces You Can Take from Day to Night

3 Shapewear Pieces You Can Take from Day to Night

Day to Night Shapewear: 3 Pieces You’ll Love

We all love pieces that work just as well for nightwear as they do daywear. Not only is this convenient and fun—it also gives your wardrobe a bit more bang for its buck. But if you don’t know where to begin, mastering the day to night look can be easier said than done. 

That’s why we here at Popilush are giving you a little insight into how to master going from day to night… with a bit of a shapewear twist. When you’re able to throw shapewear in with your day to night outfits, you’re getting an even greater value—your outfit now functions on a third level! Let’s dive in and see what you can get out of your favorite Popilush pieces.

1. The Dress Does It All

At Popilush, we’re big fans of our multi-use dress—and with good reason! The dress comes in midi, mini and maxi lengths, and you can choose between a sleeveless and sleeved version (plus, tons of colors!). The dress’s benefits are obvious: you have built-in shapewear, it’s panty line-proof, and you’ll get your ideal hourglass without having to wear additional shapewear.

But it’s also super easy to wear any version of this dress during the day and the night. Theoretically, the dress is easily functional as a loungewear dress. You can chill out, relaxing in your tennis shoes or barefoot—or at the grocery store, for that matter. On the other hand, pair it with heels, jewelry, and a nice jacket, and you have a dress that you can wear out on the town any night.

2. A Bodysuit You Can Dress Up and Down

Here’s what makes a bodysuit so great—you can dress it up or down super easily. Right off the bat, a bodysuit is great for shapewear purposes. A good bodysuit compresses and sucks you in, snatching in your waist and lifting your breasts. You don’t wear a bodysuit by itself, either. Its look and functionality changes depending on what you pair it with.

During the day, a bodysuit can be worn with a pair of pants—think either jeans or maybe even slacks, depending on your setting. During the night, you can thrown on a skirt, maybe the right pair of tight leggings, and you’ll be good to go! A bodysuit can work through the day and the night, regardless of the length of the sleeves. Furthermore, some bodysuits end up looking a bit more naturally casual than others, while others come off as more daring off the bat—like this lacy bodysuit, ideal for a night out on the town with its lingerie-chic look.

3. Faux Leather Leggings—For the Gym and the Club

I bet you don’t think of leggings as club wear; however, they certainly can be, especially if they come with the sleek flair of faux leather. These leggings are made for active wear, which means that while they comfortable and shape you throughout the day, you won’t get sweaty and worked up in them. 

But due to their leather look, they also function perfectly in the evening. Throw on a loose top, a sparkly tank—whatever strikes your fancy! And whether you’re wearing boots, heels, or sneakers, you can get your life in these leggings. If leggings aren’t quite your speed, try this faux leather shapewear skirt on for size!

See what we mean? Taking shapewear from day to night is even easier than you might have thought. All you have to do is put your mind to it.