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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Wearing Shapewear at Work

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Wearing Shapewear at Work

How to Wear Shapewear in The Office


As much as some of us might want to continue working from home, the reality is that a lot of us are going back to the office on a more permanent basis. The pandemic, which sent us to the home office, has become a part of everyday life that most working women are taking in stride. Vaccines and home tests have made it easier for us to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


For some people, this is a relief—working in an office can improve productivity and make it easier for people to focus on work. However, it is a big cultural shift, especially for people who worked from home for a year or longer. Even if you were required to hop on to a Zoom meeting from time to time, you probably got used to wearing clothes that could at best be described as business casual.


If you’re worried about how you’re going to look when you return to the office (whether it’s because you’ve been hiding out from the pandemic or staying at home with a new baby) we have solutions. The great thing about shapewear is that it’s practically made for working in an office setting. Wearing shapewear under your work clothes can ensure that you cut the most put together, professional appearance possible.


Let’s dive into what you should and shouldn’t do when wearing shapewear in an office setting.


Do: Wear Shapewear with Pencil Skirts


Pencil skirts are one of the staple pieces for professional women in the office. A pencil skirt, if worn correctly, can be flattering and easy to pair with a professional blouse. Typically, they are made in darker or neutral colors, which means that they aren’t too flashy.  They’re sleek and unobtrusive…. But they do tend to cling to your curves. In the past, it was sometimes recommended that women forego underwear in order to look good in pencil skirts. Not only is this less than professional—it could set you up for a seriously embarrassing or job-jeopardizing wardrobe malfunction. Try In-Control Secure Thong Panties for some extra support. Nobody will see the troublesome lines, and you can wear your pencil skirts with pride!


Don’t: Wear Regular Bras with Button Down Blouses


Often, women wear button down blouses at work, and with good reason. In an ideal world, button downs are crisp and clean, and give a great look in the workplace. But if you have a larger chest in particular, the buttons can often strain and create gaps. This gives an unprofessional appearance and could even get you in trouble with HR. Regular bras can be difficult to size with shirts and create more cleavage instead of coverage.


Do: Wear Shapewear Bras with Professional Tops


The reason why shapewear bras are such a great alternative is that they provide support while also giving coverage.  On the off chance that a gap occurs, a fuller coverage bra will give the appearance of a camisole. Furthermore, shapewear bras are meant to last, and don’t shift the way regular, cheaper bras do. Therefore, it’s easier to get a good fit with them.


Don’t: Risk Going Without!


You can wear comfortable shapewear all day long in the office. You just need to make the effort to shop for high quality shapewear that is meant to last throughout a workday. Don’t assume that regular underwear will give the same results. If you want to look your very best and your most professional in the office, invest in some quality pieces and rely on them.


Trust us—switching to shapewear will make returning to the office a lot easier. Give yourself the support you need, literally and figuratively. You’ll be glad you did!