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Title: 6 Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Fall Shapewear

Title: 6 Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Fall Shapewear

6 Tips on Incorporating Shapewear Into Your Fall Looks

As we head into fall, we here at Popilush are getting super excited—why? Because fall is shapewear season! In autumn, it’s easier than ever to pair clothes with shapewear, and if you’ve never worn shapewear before, now is the optimal time to try new pieces. Just as with your everyday clothes, the type of shapewear you wear is going to vary from season to season. You’re not going to get the most wear out of short-sleeved shapewear, or little shorts, if the weather is cooling down.

With that being said, we’re delving into how you can wear shapewear throughout the autumn in a way that serves you. Not everyone is going to wear shapewear in the same way, of course; but we find that if you get some staples, just as you would with your typical fall sweaters and jeans, you’ll be enjoying that pumpkin spice latte in style. 


1. Don’t Dismiss Fall Shapewear

While it’s easy to think of fall as the season layers, that doesn’t mean it’s a shapeless season. In fact, we would typically recommend against over-draping yourself during the fall. While everyone has their own personals sense of style, it’s often more flattering—especially if you’re on the curvier side—to accentuate your body rather than hiding it. Additionally, shapewear can act as a way for you to show off your curves, enabling you to look cute while at the same time putting together a complete outfit. This leads us into our next tip…


2. Choose Reliable Color Schemes

Shapewear can actually be incorporated into your standard outfits fairly easily, especially if you work with solid colors. Popilush shapewear comes in a broad range of colors. We recommend considering a deeper tone, like black or dark brown, and adding in accent pieces from your “everyday clothes” on top of it. Think of putting a mustard cardigan on top of a black bodysuit, finishing it off with a pair of dark jeans. With this approach, you can get the most out of your shapewear.


3. Bodysuits, Bodysuits, Bodysuits

Perhaps one of the best types of shapewear to incorporate into your fall clothing is the bodysuit. A bodysuit can be worn as a top—you’ll slide a pair of jeans or a skirt on over the bottom, and you have a full ensemble. Now, the type of bodysuit you choose can depend on the weather. If it’s still relatively warm outside and just beginning to cool down, you may select a spaghetti strap bodysuit and pair it with a sweater. On the other hand, a cooler day may benefit from a long-sleeved bodysuit. Consider a bodysuit your baseline, and work your way up from there.


4. Leggings Are Your Friends

But what if you’re not comfortable in jeans? Although they may seem like the standard during the fall, a lot of people don’t love to wear jeans—and even if you do love to wear them, you may not want to wear them all the time. You might want something that’s more breathable, or perhaps easier to move around in—something a bit more casual than a skirt, too. In that case, we recommend pairing leggings with a long tunic or sweater. Leggings do not have to be made of thin material; in fact, if you buy shapewear leggings, they’re often made of quite thick material, and can function as pants. You can top the outfit off with a pair of boots or tennis shoes and call it a day—or you can dress it up further. The great thing about leggings is that they can be as casual or as dressed up as you want. 


5. Dresses Can Be Done!

Just because we’re out of summer doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a good dress. Dresses can certainly be done during the fall—we would just recommend trying to go for ones that will protect you from the cooler weather a bit better. The great thing about shapewear is that the compression factor often can keep you a bit warmer, sealing in your body heat. Additionally, a lot of shapewear dresses tend to be on the longer side—all the better to shape you with! Think about wearing a slinky, long-sleeved dress during the fall. Not only will this keep you a bit warmer; it’s also great to pair with boots, and will give you the shape you want without sacrificing the style you need. 


6. Shape Underneath Your Basics

While we’ve been focusing on how to incorporate shapewear into your daily outfits, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your approach to shapewear old-fashioned and going for pieces that can be worn underneath your everyday clothes. Think about wearing shapewear staples that fit seamlessly under your favorite sweaters and skinny jeans—it’s easier to pull off than you’d think. Shapewear doesn’t have to be reserved for formal wear and special occasions. Rather, the right bras and panties will fit seamlessly underneath your clothes. You don’t have to compromise with shapewear—you just need to find the pieces that truly fit you.


Don’t miss out on wearing shapewear this fall. The right shapewear won’t conceal your body, but will instead present your curves in the best possible way. Trust us when we say that finding that kind of shapewear will simply take your look to the next level.